Mike Hamel

Mike Hamel is a singer​/songw​riter with a bit of a different approach. ”Usually the term singer – songwriter takes on a folk ideal – very laid back and flowery. But my music is so much more than that,” he explains. “It’s visceral, it’s energetic, it’s passio​nate..​.” Based out of Beacon, NY, Mike has earned his stripes spending close to a decade playing in a variety of projects. Doing so has earned him a faithful following in fans spanning all genres. READ ON.

Kathleen Hanna

Kathleen Hanna is an American musician, feminist activist, and punk zine writer. In the early- to mid-1990s she was the lead singer of feminist punk band Bikini Kill, before fronting Le Tigre in the late 1990s and early 2000s.In 1998, Hanna released a lo-fi solo album under the name Julie Ruin and since 2010 has been working on a project called The Julie Ruin. READ ON.

Owen Tate

Owen Tate is best known for featuring underground club whores, divas, and personalities. Owen supplies electro junkies and after hours addicts their sonic fix smothered in his trade marked blend of Sex Glam Gloom. Mr Tate first appeared in NYC performing with rock and funk bands such as Foxxen, The Blessed, and Pharoah. READ ON.

Kayvon Zand

A provocateur in self-imagined couture and a pompadour, Kayvon Zand brings sexuality and satire back to a performance scene that needs it. A rabble rouser with a healthy dark side to match his eyebrows, Zand made waves when his Disgraceland show of raunchy rituals got him banned from New York’s Highline Ballroom in 2010. When the club instructed him to trim the show’s fake blood and fire effects, Zand responded in the only sensible way possible—he added some heavy duty sex acts! READ ON.

Jake Shears — coming soon!
Jesse Siminski — coming soon!

Max Hershenow — coming soon!
Justin Luke — coming soon!