24th New York Queer Experimental Film Festival
Transar in Cityscapes
Transar in Cityscapes Image
Adriana Varella & Ife Niklaus
2011, USA, video projection & sculpture, sound, min.

Transar in Cityscapes is about subverting specific architectures in the urban landscape through lesbian intercourse. The background is the building where we chose to have sex. The foreground is our bodies. The camera is subjective. Built by and for the patriarchy, the churches, the museums and all kinds of government buildings are part of the architecture of the oppression and domination that we intend not only to transgress and transform but also to dissolve and cancel. We use sex as a revolutionary process leading to social mutation and metamorphosis of masculine and feminine and believe the orgasm is a culminating platform that opens consciousness and destabilizes the established order… it literally fucks all kinds of institutions. — AV & IN